Gas Regulator - Lunar

by Sandra Anne

My Lunar caravan is fitted with a Gas Regulator with a working pressure of 30 mbar however the gas bottles i have looked at have 37 mbar pressure.

Do I have to put another regulator in?

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Jan 11, 2015
Caravan Gas Regulator
by: Anthony

Check with the gas bottle dealer or a Lunar dealer to make sure but my understanding is the regulator is there to lower the pressure to suit the caravan appliances.

This document is quite good:

From the pdf above:
"The introduction of the EN1949 European Standard for 2004 model-year caravans (from September 2003 in the UK) then harmonised pressure for both gases as 30 mbar (3 kPa), meaning a single regulator now suits both propane and butane."

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