Gas regulator on static caravan

by Val cassin
(United Kingdom)

I own a static caravan, and recently had problems with the central heating. The gas man on site fitted a new gas regulator. The site now want to charge me for this, who does the regulator belong to and who is responsible for the cost. It was my understanding that the regulator is the property of the site if so why should I have to pay.

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Jul 04, 2015
Service of Gas Products
by: A D

As the site owner is responsible for his site, most servicemen who work on the site are covered by his insurance, you must have his permission to bring tradesmen on to the site, he may agree and he might want a fee, my site owner is strict and only allows authorised workers to work there and it has to be done through him, and he wants a fee, and charges VAT on it

Jul 03, 2015
Gas regulator
by: A. D.

When you purchased the caravan, you would have an invoice stating that the siting, etc included fitting the gas connection, with a dual connector, if you have two bottles, when one empties, it automatically moves to second bottle.

The gas connection is yours, the bottles are leased, you can not take them away, you only paid for the gas, around £70 these days, hence if you are moving, make sure you use your gas.

The servicing of regulators your boiler and gas fire and oven, has to be paid for.
The service of boiler should be in region of £60, similar to a CP 12 on a house.

Look at invoice when you purchased the caravan and you will see, the item belongs to you. If you have a electric meter, this belongs to site owner, you pay for the electric.

New to site problems as only been on 13 years, but aware of what my site owner has to pay for and what is down to me.

Apr 16, 2015
Gas regulator on static caravan
by: Anonymous

On the site where I work, the regulators, pig tails, etc are the property of the caravan owner, and therefore your responsibility.

However, regulators and pig tails have a finite life span so if they were fitted new when you bought the van you may have some comeback if it failed early within its lifespan.

Also check your rights to using third party gas engineers (they must be Gas Safe Registered and LPG qualified) as it always pays to shop around.

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