Why Go Caravanning?

How can we persuade you to go caravanning? Keep reading and you'll wonder why you didn't try it sooner!!

If you are thinking about purchasing a new caravan or a new piece of kit, why not go to a Caravan Show or Exhibition? Click here for a list of events. 

We think this is one of the best reasons to go on a caravan holiday! You are not tied to any hotel times – you can come and go, eat, sleep, etc, whenever you please. If you don't like a caravan site or particular area you can just move to another!

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Another very important reason why loads of us go caravanning! You can take all your pets with you if you like. We never go anywhere without our dog! We have also seen caravanners with cats and birds in their 'vans! What animals do you take on holiday with you?

Caravan Specification
Caravans which are made today have all mod-cons in them and some have extra insulation so you can  go caravanning all year round if you wish. They are not like the caravans of yesteryear – they are more like a home from home.

Caravan Park Facilities
Caravan park facilities have improved enormously. They now have hardstandings for awnings and caravans, heated toilet blocks, baby and children's facilities, super-pitches which have all the facilities ready to be connected to your caravan, in fact, most facilities which you would ever need while on holiday! But, if you want to get away from it all you can still find a back-to-basics site.

If the weather is going to be good you can take advantage of it and just go off on holiday – or you haven't got to go if the weather is really bad, wait until the weather improves.

You are much closer to nature when you go caravanning. If you have children they will love the fact that you can see animals etc which you would not normally see at home. Our children have seen field mice, owls, seals and many others. Every year they look forward to seeing the Maybugs which come out at the end of Spring. They emerge at dusk and are attracted to any light. They make a very loud buzzing and love dive-bombing people. We love to watch caravanners who have never seen them before!!

If you are an adult who prefers to go on holiday where there are no children and you like peace and quiet, you can choose to pitch at an adult park only. Not many hotels or package holidays offer you that!

You can find a site which has facilities to suit your needs according to the age of your children. The site where we have our seasonal pitch has a large playing field, park with swings and adventure playground, and crazy golf. We prefer a site with no entertainment – the children are free to go to the park, cycle around and make new friends all the time.

Entertainment & Activities
If you like to go on holiday with evening entertainment, pubs, sports facilities, etc, you can find the ideal site for you. There are so many different sites with varied entertainment and activities you are bound to find the ideal one for you – just take your pick!

Expense (or not!!)
The initial outlay of buying a caravan may be quite high, but just think about how many caravan holidays you could have during one year for the same price as one weeks' package holiday for the family. We certainly know which we would prefer to do! You don't have to spend too much when you are starting out caravanning - just look for cheap secondhand items you and when you decide you really love caravanning you can replace them with new items.

If you have an awning you can always invite friends to come and stay. Children love camping outside in the awning with their friends. Tell them just to bring a sleeping bag and camp bed or mat – you'll all have a great time!! Alternatively, caravanners are very friendly people - you'll soon be sharing a bottle of wine or a cup of tea with someone on site!!

CLICK HERE to see some of our favourite caravan holiday photographs!!
We hope you like them!

Why do you go caravanning? Let us know ...

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