Green Holidays

Green Holidays

Green holidays and eco-friendly are the new buzzwords of today. Would you believe that caravanning is one of the most eco-friendly ways to holiday? Read on to find out more!

Some green holiday facts for you :

When you go on a caravan holiday it gives off only a fraction of greenhouse gases compared to air travel.

Caravans are cheaper to build than planes and manufacturers now have environmental policies. Bailey, for example, now designs it's caravans to be 75% recyclable and as environmentally friendly as possible, e.g. lighter in weight, better insulated, aerodynamic, etc. Look at other caravan manufacturers websites to find out what their policies are.

Caravanners tend to keep their cars longer than the average motorist.

Many caravan sites now have recycling bins to encourage more of us to go green. Caravanners buy local produce which benefits the local economy.

It was recently reported on Sky TV's Caravan Channel that a family flying on a 1200 mile holiday would emit over four times as much carbon dioxide as they would if they travelled the same distance by car and caravan instead.

Yurt Camping
Modern yurts are made for the holiday industry from Eco friendly Green resources.

There are many things you can do to help the environment while caravanning :

  • Use environmentally friendly car and caravan care products.
  • Make sure your car and caravan are properly serviced for optimum performance.
  • Make sure you recycle everything you possibly can on caravan sites.
  • Support the local economy and buy locally when on holiday.
  • Look for campsites with a David Bellamy Conservation Award.
  • Always check your tyre pressure before travel and don't load your caravan with heavy items unless you really need to.
  • Avoid short car journeys, use the correct gear and avoid rapid acceleration. Don't use the air conditioning unless you really have to.
  • Turn off your car engine if you are stationary for more than 30-40 seconds.
  • Buy a new caravan if possible as they are much better insulated than an older model.
  • Turn off any electrical items when they are not in use.
  • Put on extra clothes rather than turn on the heating.
  • Use eco-friendly cleaners and toilet chemicals.
  • Walk or use public transport if possible.

If you consider yourself to be eco-friendly and take green holidays, do you have any tips we have not mentioned. If you do, please contact us and we will add them to this page.

There are many ways you can help the environment and if we all do this it WILL make a difference in the end.

Finally, spread the word that caravanning is green!

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