Caravan fridges and heaters are two of the most important things in your caravan nowadays, especially if you use your caravan throughout the whole year. Some caravanners automatically disappear as soon as the temperature drops but as long as you use your caravans equipment to keep warm, you will have a quiet, mainly deserted camp site to yourself and be warm and cosy in your caravan!!

Most caravans built nowadays come with some kind of heating system - either a blown-air system or some of the more expensive caravans do actually have a wet system.

The space heater can be run on either gas or electricity. We always run ours on electricity because we have already paid for the electricity in the pitch fee and we don't have to worry about running out of gas! 

Some newer 'vans have awning warmers which are very useful for those chilly British Summers evenings! Awning warmer kits can also be retro-fitted.

Caravan Heaters

We don't have an awning warmer so we use a Halogen Heater in the awning. This has an automatic cut-out so if it is knocked over or even moved, it will automatically turn off - an essential feature if you have children or dogs!

If you have any personal tips or reviews regarding caravan heaters, please contact us.

There are many areas which air and warmth can escape from in a caravan. Of course, the caravan shells themselves are often paper thin and will not conserve warmth well, although some newer models have much better insulation. It is extremely important that your caravan has adequate ventilation which becomes even more essential depending on how you are heating your 'van and powering such things as your fridge.

As you can see, the home comforts of caravanning are essential to some people, whether it be a caravan fridge or a caravan heater. Other people survive with none of these comforts. As for us, we like all our home comforts while relaxing on holiday!!

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