Hinges for Fleetwood Colchester 1998 front locker

by Bill

I have a 1998 Fleetwood Colchester. The gas locker has a cantilever arrangement which should lift the lid up out of the way when open. However, the levers rely on nylon hinges, two of which are broken. They are very simple: a cube section about 20mm square with hole about 7mm diameter with a small rectangular section about 8 x 20 mm sticking out. I have been unable to source replacements and the ones I have tried to fabricate (from hardwood or plastic) fail after a few days. Does anyone know if they are available?

Have you tried contacting a caravan breakers yard? Most offer a mail order service so everything can be done over the telephone. A list of breakers can be found on our website or you can try searching the internet to find one close to you.

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