How do I remove the front middle window on an Elddis 1998 caravan please??

by Kelly

Hi, I have bought a replacement window for my Elddis caravan but I am not sure how to take the old one out, I have googled it but cannot find anything, any help will be appreciated - thank you.

Relacing a window is quite an easy operation on most caravans. The end cap needs to be removed and if there is a centralising block that must be removed too. Be carefull not to drop any screws as there are quite small. The window stays will also have to be detached and if the aluminium support strip needs pull away from the caravan wall, remove the plastic insert and then undo the retaining screws to allow you to pull it away from the wall. The just simply slide out one of the end windows and then the middle window. Once you have done that, slide your new middle window back into place followed by the end window and then screw back the retaining strip and centralising block and end cap.

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