How to Change the rubber seal on your enclosed sink drain

by Ted Duggan
(Coventry, west mids, UK)

I noticed water leaking on to the carpet of our 1993 Bailey Beachcomber CD900.
Upon inspection I found the the seal on the sink drain fitting had perished and was letting water leak behind the enclosed wash basin unit, The sink was stuck solid to the vanity unit and I could not remove it.
After thinking for a while I came up with a solution.

1st remove the screw that holds the chrome sink drain to the lower plastic fitting and carefully lift it trying not to disturb the lower fitting.

2nd Get a long nose pair of mole grips and clamp the lower fitting so that it cant fall down.

3rd Get the new seal and feed it over the mole grips and feed it into the hole in the sink and make sure that it fits nicely over the lower waist fitting (Use some Vaseline to help secure it's position.

4th Now the tricky bit ....Use a very long thin Alan key or a long thin rigid wire with a small hook type bend at the bottom and hook it under one of the remaining spars ....Remember your Mole Grips will be on the other still holding it up.

Now remove the mole grips while still holding the Alan Key, you should now be holding the lower unit in place with just the Alan Key ....Now carefully slide the top chrome sink drain over the Alan Key and line up the screw and tighten up gently until secure ....Remove Alan Key and the job is done.

Tricky I know but saved me removeing the whole vanity unit and resealing it.

Only took my 20 mins

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