How to eliminate draughts from sides/top of 'van fridge in windy weather?


In a recent windy spell while in my 'van,we experienced severe draughts into the 'van from the fridge sides and top,very cold despite having heater on.I am not sure if the fridge is properly sealed at the rear wall,have put on the winter covers for our next trip away(31stOctober-5thNov.)during which I will check if there is any insulation/sealing behind the fridge.In the interim,can you advise of suitable sealing strips,etc.,which I can use in the future if such is found to be lacking on inspection?John Smith

We suffered from the same problem. We also put our covers over the vents and this helped a bit. What we also did was to put up a wind break on the side of the caravan with the vents. Even though that also helped, we still have not found the perfect solution.
If anyone has any other ideas please let us know.

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