Known Issues

by Emma
(New Zealand)

Hi, There are a lot of secondhand UK caravans coming into NZ at the moment. We are going to be looking at a 2000 Swift Fairway and a 1999 Swift Challenger (and possibly others if either of these are not suitable).

Are there any known issues that we should be looking for in these models?

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Aug 01, 2016
Swift "Grey import Van's" into NZ
by: Kerry

Be careful the UK vans have plastic gas pipes in them AU and NZ have to have copper. We purchased one in QLD AU Swift AU told us to be careful and also I have found parts have to come from the UK and just a spare KEY is $78. Panarama panel with swift on the are $1600, 8 weeks delivery.

PS they are a nice van but get a good one AU cost is $38K secondhand

Apr 17, 2016
Search our site
by: Anthony

Hi Emma

I'd search our site using this link:

There seems to be a lot of issues with newer Swift caravans such as this page which mentions Swift 20 times:

That's not to say the caravans you are looking at aren't ok but it may be worth paying to get them inspected before purchasing.

Good luck.

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