Caravan Layouts

There are so many different caravan layouts to choose from - which would suit you?     We have plenty of advice - read on to find out more ...

To some people, the sleeping arrangements and number of caravan berths are the most important aspects when choosing a caravan.  Others think that you don't spend your holiday in the caravan sleeping so you may as well use the space for other things and just make up the beds as you need them.

We have plenty of experience of various caravan layouts with different sleeping arrangements.  Keep reading for more information ...

caravan layouts

We have found the perfect four berth caravan which suits us.  Our Bailey Senator Indiana has a fixed double bed at the back (with masses of storage space underneath) and two parallel settees at the front which are the length of two single beds.  Our children have a bed each at the front while we sleep in luxury in the double bed at the back.  Mind you, it's a bit of a squash when the dog decides to join us!!

caravan layouts

How many caravan berths will you need? If only two people are going to be using the caravan, you have the widest choice available as many caravans with four berths become luxury accommodation for just two people.

A four berth with a full width washroom, side dinette and single bed settees at the front is one of the most popular four berth layouts used by two people - plenty of space for sleeping, eating and washing!

caravan layouts

A twin dinette five berth caravan is a good compromise between sleeping and daytime space.  You can leave up a double bed if you wish or you can easily change it back to a dinette if you need the extra space.  A five berth twin dinette will also have a bunk bed above the double bed at the back to put up if required.

caravan layouts

If you need a six berth (which guarantees four children a bed of their own) - these have permanent bunks running along the back of the caravan, a dinette at the side which converts into two bunk beds, plus the two settees at the front which may be long enough for two single beds or if not, they will make up into a double bed.

Remember though, most bunks are just partitioned off by just a curtain, although some caravans do have a sliding or folding door which close off the whole of the back of the caravan.

A very versatile caravan is when the bunks actually fold up and convert into a "garage" - more room to store bikes etc (do not store heavy items here when travelling as the weight in the wrong place may cause the caravan to snake).

caravan layouts

Another type of layout is where the caravan has settees at the front which convert into a double bed.  This is a good if you have small children as they have enough room to sleep on a settee each without you having to make up a bed, and this will leave a double bed at the back for parents which partly folds up for use during the day as a sofa.

caravan layouts

Another popular layout is when you have two single beds in front of a full width bathroom at the back of the caravan, with two front settees. 

If you are thinking of looking at a foreign caravan, some of them have the beds at the front and the seating area at the back - check with the manufacturer. 

This is just an introduction to a few of the caravan layouts available.  Caravan magazines are a good source of information and usually show all of the different layouts available for the number of caravan berths you need. Request brochures from manufacturers and go to see the caravans at a dealer. 

If you have experience of different caravan layouts, be it good or bad, please contact us.

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It is best to make sure you take time to choose the correctly to suit your needs - this can get very expensive if you get it wrong! We have personal experience of this - please read our caravanning history page for more details!

Remember, this is the really exciting part - choosing your caravan - but you have to get it right!

Happy Caravanning!!

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