Lily The Pink Toilet Fluid
Product Review

We have tested Fenwicks Lily the Pink toilet fluid and here's our product review:

It says on the bottle:

"Has a long lasting fresh citrus fragrance. Helps maintain a germ free toilet. With added slip and lubricity agents it has a long lasting performance. Our active ingredients result in a clean germ free environment.

Dosage - add 100ml of Lily per 15 litres of holding tank capacity and fill with clean water."

Our Review:

The first thing we noticed was the strong fragrance when we opened the bottle. We thought maybe it would be too overpowering in the caravan but, in fact, we only noticed the fragrance when flushing the toilet.

When diluted in the toilet flush tank, the fragrance is not too chemically smelling - perfect to keep your caravan loo smelling naturally fragrant!

Another thing we first noticed was that it seemed very "watery" compared to our usual pink toilet flush fluid. The Fenwick's, in fact, worked better than a thicker fluid as we normally get lots of pink "blobs" in the flush which very annoyingly stick to the sides of the toilet.

As the Fenwick's pink flush was much thinner there was no sign of the thick blobs plus it still did the job just as well as a thicker fluid!

We thought this was an extremely good product and will certainly be using it again!

If you have used Lily the Pink toilet fluid, let us know and we will add your comments here.