I had recently bough a caravan a couple of months ago privately and the guy who I bought it off told me and it is on the paperwork that it was a 2003 model, when in fact I have had it checked out and it is a 2001 model. How does this affect my statutory rights and am I entitled to my money back as I do not really want this caravan anymore?

I am not really sure on this. Your best bet would be to visit your local Citizen's Advice Bureau. They should be able to tell you as to where you stand on this matter.

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Jul 20, 2018
Non residential caravan
by: Anonymous

Am I wrong to think I've been mis sold a holiday home at £30,000 when NOT told it is not suitable to use all year round?

Oct 02, 2016
Park lied
by: Anonymous

We bought our caravan in April 2015, we picked the sight because we were told it was a owners only sight which we liked having two young boys.

This year they have bought rentals to the site we have been told that people who were already on the sight got a letter in March telling them they would be doing rentals in 2016.

We would never have bought on this site if we knew this, is there anything we can do?

May 15, 2016
Missold caravan
by: Anonymous

I too was missold a caravan i am disabled & reluctantly have to sell because it isn't equipped for me. I have fallen numerous times in the shower, steps leading up to the van, i have approached the caravan site reps and they said everything was above board.

I have one piece of paper I was given stating £2000 deposit and the rest to be paid off via loan when i sold my house, now i find that the reps are not telling anyone to look at it although i have put for sale signs in the windows, dodgy dealings!

All i want to know is why did the rep not ask me about my disability, he knew i was on dla because he asked for my income. Found out later through the banks he said i was on £22,000 a year, nowhere near im afraid.

Apr 03, 2013
Cannot sell caravan privately
by: Rob

We bought a new van on a site without having terms and conditions explained and we signed nothing to agree to terms of the site we are on

We now find out we cannot sell the van privately while its on the site,
We can sell to the site owner at really low price or take the van off site to sell?
We feel we were miss sold the van because we weren't fully aware of all of this?
We stand to loose thousands of pounds?
Any advice will be useful?

Not sure where you stand on this. Try contacting Citzens Advice, perhaps someone there will be able to adise you on how to approach this.

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