Money Saving Tips

Good money saving tips and caravan tips are ideas which you normally read or see and think "Why didn't I think of that?". Keep reading to find out more ...

Caravan Money Saving Tips
  • Put an apple in with a bag of potatoes to keep them fresh for much longer. 
  • If you have a takeaway which comes in a foil container, wash and keep the container for when you are away in the caravan - you can use them in your caravan oven when cooking and then throw away - no messy washing-up!
  • Use baby wipes instead of expensive face wipes 

  • Make a wasp catcher using a jam jar and cling film
  • Buy caravan accessories second hand from ebay/car boot sales/caravan magazine classifieds
  • Buy caravan accessories at the end of the season when shops are selling off their summer stock
  • Use site electricity as you have already paid for it rather than using your gas
  • A great money saving tip that costs nothing -use supermarket plastic bags as bin bags
  • Buy caravan toilet chemicals in bulk or when on offer
  • When barbecuing buy plain meat and marinade your own rather than buying expensive ready-flavoured
  • Buy supermarket own-brand food
  • The bags inside cereal boxes are great for storing bread and for using in the freezer. Wash them and use them again (unless used for poultry products)
  • Farm shops or markets can be very economical - a sack of potatoes for a few pounds can be the basis for many meals for a couple of months
  • Instead of using expensive cream cleaners in the bathroom or kitchen use a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda on a damp cloth
  • Buy a solar powered battery charger
  • Instead of buying bottled water buy a water filter jug to use in your caravan
  • Use rechargable batteries in items wherever possible
  • Always book your favourite sites in plenty of time – especially with the boom in caravanning at present! 
  • Lots of people book for Christmas or New Year a year in advance
  • When travelling keep your speed down as this will save fuel
  • Don’t use the air conditioning unless absolutely necessary as this uses lots more fuel
  • Turn off the engine to save fuel if you are in a long queue or traffic jam
  • Regularly check your car’s tyre pressures as this will help the fuel consumption
  • Driving smoothly, not accelerating and braking all the time, will help to save fuel
  • Remove roof racks, roof boxes, bicycles etc, when you don’t need to travel with them in or on the car as this will also save on fuel

Do you have any good money saving tips we have not mentioned? CLICK HERE to let us know.

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