Caravanning Money Saving Tips

Holidaying in your caravan has always been a cheap but hugely enjoyable way to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. But with the recession upon us, we are all looking for ways to save even further. Here we’ve compiled a list of tips to help you tighten your belt a little further the next time you and your family take a caravan trip.

Insurance Money Saving Tips

There are savings to be had no matter what type of caravan you own. One method is to increase your excess payment amount in order to reduce the overall cost of your premium. Just make sure that the new excess amount that you set is definitely affordable for you should anything happen to your caravan and you need to make a claim.

Most insurers will also offer you a discount if you install extra security features to your caravan. The most popular security measures are alarms and immobilizers, as well as axle locks and wheel clamps. If you have an existing insurance policy in place, check with your insurer as to what security products they offer discounts for before you invest in any.

A further option is to become a member of the Caravan Owners Club. Many insurers offer discounts to members, and the Club offers many other perks as well as providing a source of invaluable information about caravanning.

Touring caravan owners who find it expensive to insure their caravan can choose to make car insurance savings instead as a means of reducing the overall cost of caravan travel. The easiest way to save on your car insurance is to shop around online.

Money Saving Tips At the Caravan Park 

The three key words to remember are reduce, reuse and recycle. By setting up a recycling system you can save on waste and save you and your family money. Try to reuse bottles and plastic tubs wherever possible, for example.

You can also install water saving devices and insulate your water pipes. This will help them to retain as much heat as possible so that you use less energy overall.

Energy efficient products are available everywhere nowadays, and your caravan can benefit from this. Energy efficient lighting is a must, as these bulbs last far longer than standard bulbs whilst using a fraction of the power consumed by standard bulbs too.

And it’s not just light bulbs that are going green. Most electrical products – everything from toasters to TVs, kettles to microwaves, are now available in a more energy efficient form. Look out for energy efficient labelling which must now be shown on every electrical product sold within the EU. This will tell you how much power the product uses, and usually includes an energy rating scale. Products that are rated ‘A’ are typically the most eco-friendly, and will save you the most money.

Do you have any money saving tips? Click here to let us know.

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