New to caravanning

by Stuart Dodd
(Huntingdon, UK)

As a family of four looking to purchase a caravan for the very first time we have found many types available but with mixed reports from various owners, confusing or what!?

We have two very young children (3yrs & 1yr) and are after a caravan that has a bedroom / sleeping area for the kiddies that is tucked out of the way from the main seating area and kitchen area so that once they have gone to bed in the evening my wife and I can chat or watch TV, make our tea and, if the need arises, visit the toilet without disturbing them in their sleep. Has anyone out there got any ideas as to what would be the best caravan for our family. At the same time we may also, from time to time wish to take another child with us and so a 5 birth might be required!
For reference, we have a BMW X5 which I have heard is more than capable of towing most caravans, but if you think otherwise then again, please let us have your comments.
We look forward to reading your response.
Stuart & Kate

We used to own a Bailey Pageant Provence and found this layout perfect. It has a rear seating/sleeping area that you could shut off from the rest of the caravan. All though Bailey no longer make this model, you can pick up very good second hand ones. Other manufacturers also make caravans with a similar layout.

Try looking through caravan magazines. They often test caravans and write an unbiased review. They also list current models made by the various manufacturers detailing weights etc. They also show the various layouts available.

Once you have found a caravan with the layout that fits your needs, go and have a look at one before you decide to buy.

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Sep 05, 2011
New to Caravanning
by: Anonymous

If you go to you can choose the layout you are looking for and they also have a list of caravans for sale - we found this more than helpful.

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