Other Security Measures

What other security measures can I take to make my caravan safe and secure, and is there anything I can do myself? Read on to find out more!

Caravan Security Measures

You can add (or get your local caravan dealer to fit) a Fiamma door lock. This is a security handle which when folded back on to the door works as an anti-theft device. It will also prevent accidental opening of the door when travelling. It can also be used as a handle when you are getting in and out of the caravan.

It's a very useful caravan security item which is not too expensive but will stop thieves entering the caravan. Remember though, some dealers do not like items like door locks to be added to your caravan, and when you come to trade it in they will give you less trade-in value.

Caravan Security Measures

Another good idea is to put your home postcode on the roof of the caravan. This will allow the police to find and track your caravan if it has been stolen. There are many companies on the internet who make adhesive letters to order which you then stick on your caravan roof.

We have received a really interesting e-mail from Max at Skytag. If you visit www.skytag.co.uk you will see that when you register with them they supply you with a unique 3, 4 or 5 letter/number code in the form of specially formulated vinyl graphics to be applied to the roof of your caravan or motorhome. These graphics are incredibly difficult to remove.

They then add your details to their database, which is available to the Police, Port Authorities, Border Controls and other Security Services.

The police have now stopped advising people to put their postcode on the roof of a caravan due to an increase in related house crime.

We think this is a brilliant and extremely secure alternative to your postcode.

Another idea which you can easily do yourself is to make a banner or notice which reads something like "If this caravan is being towed it has been stolen - Please call the Police". Stick this notice in the back window of the caravan - but remember to remove it when you are towing the caravan!!

If you have any other security measures we have not mentioned, please let us know.

We hope these caravan security measures will help you and give you some different ideas. Anything you can do to make your caravan safe and secure is better than nothing.

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