Outdoor Furniture

Don't forget your outdoor furniture when you go caravanning. One of the most relaxing things to do is to sit outside (with a drink or two!) and just watch the world go by. There is always something interesting to watch happening on a caravan site!

There are many suppliers and online outdoor equipment retailers because there is such a wide range of furniture available. The best thing to do is to go and try what’s on offer, see what suits your needs and what is most comfortable. Then when you know what you want to buy you can look for the best price on offer. Remember though, whatever you buy has to be stowed and carried in the caravan while you are travelling.

Folding Chairs

Folding Chairs can range from a very basic fold up chair to a seat with an adjustable back, headrest and footrest!

Choose either nylon or polyester canvas outdoor furniture as this will last longer than cotton out in the sun. Also check for anti-rot fabric. The material should be a meshed material as this will allow your skin to breathe while sitting on it.

An aluminium frame is the lightest but both steel and aluminium are very sturdy. Look out for chairs with foot bases which prevent the chair from sinking into the grass.

When buying chairs don’t just sit on them - try folding them up to see how easy it is and also pick them up to make sure they are easily transportable.

Two of caravanners favourite brands are Lafuma and Kampa. If you walk around a caravan site you will see lots of outdoor furniture made by these two manufacturers. They may cost more than a basic chair but they will definitely have all the best features and will be as light as possible.

We bought a couple of new lightweight chairs recently. They are Summit Orca Chair.  They are great as they fold up and come in bags which have shoulder straps. They are really comfortable and we are already fighting over who sits in them!!

Folding Table and Stools

This is a Folding Picnic Table & Chairs with four attached stools (or benches) which folds up into a rectangular suitcase-sized case for easy transportation.

These are quite heavy but they are terrific value and an excellent buy. We have one of these which we leave outside all the time as it is made of metal and plastic. Ours is a very cheap basic one, which is why we leave it outside all the time. Alternatively you can buy more expensive ones which are made of aluminium. It’s your choice.

Camp Kitchens

These are useful for outdoor cooking and food preparation. Most fold up and some come with their own carry bags.

We have a SunnCamp Super-Lite Extra Aluminium Kitchen which folds up into a very compact storage bag. It has a detachable fabric larder/storage space with mesh on the front to keep out insects.

This is a very useful piece of kit which we always use for cooking on outside. Before we had a built-in microwave we used this table in the awning to keep our microwave on so it didn’t take up valuable space inside the caravan. The microwave fitted perfectly on the underneath shelf of the table.

Have a look around and see what kind of tables are available. 

Inflatable Outdoor Furniture

Inflatable furniture is lightweight and very easy to pack. It is made of tough PVC material so is extremely useful for camping and caravanning.

Some inflatable chairs and sofas can fold out into a bed which makes them even more suited to camping and caravanning. They are quickly inflated using a 12v pump and when deflated, fold down into a small bag.

We have an Inflatable Chair which we use in our awning. It is a very comfortable lounging seat and very handy if we have an extra person to stay as it quickly transforms into a single bed. The only downside is trying to deflate it and fold it up! If you have kids they will definitely be fighting over one of these!

Folding Sunbed

We have two sun loungers as they are so handy. They can obviously be used for laying outside enjoying the sunshine (did we ever get that summer we were promised?!), but they can also be used as a camp bed if you have people to stay. Our kids used them to sleep in the awning during the summer holidays which they really enjoyed. Very handy as they fold up quite narrow when stowing away in the caravan.

If you have a favourite piece of outdoor furniture, please send us a picture.

We have only touched the tip of the iceberg on outdoor furniture - there is such a wide range of products to choose from. We have only mentioned the products that we are using at the moment.

Look at the outdoor chairs and tables other caravanners use. If you see one you like, ask them about it. Caravanners will always help!