Packing Checklists

Packing checklists are very useful items - our free list will give you some ideas. If you make your own list using ours as a printable template and then laminate your sheet, you can tick off the items as you load them in your caravan, and your sheet can be wiped and used again.

Tick Essential Items
Caravan brace for corner steadies
Caravan step
Car extension mirrors
Waste water container & connector pipes
Fresh water container & pump
Electricity hook-up lead
Gas bottle
Toilet chemicals & caravan toilet roll
Spare wheel and jack
Awning, poles, pegs & mallet
Fire extinguisher
Smoke alarm & spare battery
Fire blanket
Spare bulb kit for caravan
Small tool kit
Levelling blocks
Spirit level
Driving Licence
Booking Confirmation / Tickets
Passports if going abroad
EHIC (formerly E111) Health Card
Money & credit cards
MoT Certificate
Caravan insurance certificate
Car insurance certificate
Caravan handbook
Car handbook
Breakdown membership card and information
Mobile 'phone and charger
First aid kit
Any prescribed medicine
Sleeping bags and/or bedding
Dog food & treats (if you have a dog!)
Dog lead and collar
Dog poo bags, towels and bedding

We have more Packing Checklists available for you to print. Click below on the Checklist you require:

Kitchen Items
Outside / Recreational Items
Food Basics
Washroom Items

If you think of any items we have missed off our Packing Checklists please let us know!

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