Poor water pressure on 2008 Buccaneer Clipper

by Chris

We have experienced poor water pressure since purchasing this van, our previous van was an Eldiss Crusader Storm (same makers similar size and had fantastic water pressure). We have replaced the shower head with an ecocamel designed for low pressure. Have also tried replacing the pump and putting two pumps in parallel, a little better but not startling. Pressure still not good and takes along time to come through as there appears to be air in the system as the water always splutters when switched on before coming through. Any additional ideas?

It could be that you have a pressure sensitive switch that requires adjusting. This is noramlly located in one of three places. It is either built into the pump, fitted in a supply pipe or intergrated within an inlet socket. If you can find the switch there should be an adjustment screw to make more or less sensitve.

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