Safety -
Loading Your Caravan Correctly

Your caravan and the safety of those travelling should be your top priority. Loading your caravan is one thing which you always need to do correctly otherwise you could end up in a dangerous situation or even have an accident.

Don't overload your caravans front locker as this could exceed the caravans noseweight. This will make your outfit extremely unstable and could possibly cause a bad accident. Your insurance will also be invalidated if you exceed the noseweight. Check your car and caravan handbooks for noseweights.

Caravan Safety

Caravan Safety Rules

When loading your caravan the main rules are :

  • Load heavy items (e.g. your awning) over the caravans axle.
  • Loading heavy items at the back of the caravan could cause it to start snaking, where the caravan starts to sway from side to side and you won't be able to control it.
  • Heavy items should also be loaded directly on the floor, not high up in the caravan cupboards.
  • Medium weight items (e.g. water carriers, barbecues) should be placed on the floor, equally distributed between the back and the front.
  • Only light items can be placed in the caravan top cupboards and lockers.
  • Remember, if your caravan has a fixed bed at the back, although it is tempting, don't fill it with heavy items as this will also cause the caravan to snake.
  • Don't place all your clothes together in the wardrobe.
  • Try to spread them out around the caravan and then put them in to the wardrobe when you arrive on site.
  • Make sure items are wedged in your caravan so while you are travelling they cannot move around and cause damage.
  • If they move around while you are travelling this could also make your caravan unstable and become dangerous.
  • Don't leave water in any of the tanks and make sure your toilet flush tank is empty.
  • Leaving water in any of these tanks could also cause the caravan to become less stable.

If you remember these simple rules for loading your caravan, your outfit should remain stable and safe while you are on the road.

Abiding by the UK speed limits will also keep your outfit stable.

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If you have any caravan tips for being safe, please let us know.

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