Secondhand Caravans
What to look for when buying a used caravan.

When you are looking at secondhand caravans, what do you need to check before parting with any of your hard earned cash? Keep reading to find out more ...

Secondhand Caravans

You can pick up a real secondhand caravan bargain if you know what you are looking for but remember, you could also pick up a right old lemon if you don't do your homework first. A private seller will probably offer a better deal than a caravan dealer as the dealer will always be looking to make the maximum amount of profit. But, if you don't know what to look for you will have to trust the seller and just because they "look" honest doesn't mean they are!! Also, a caravan dealer will probably offer a warranty period should anything go wrong whereas you will have no comeback with a private seller. You may be wiser to pay a little extra to buy from a caravan dealer just for peace of mind.

Have a look further down this page - there is a selection of secondhand caravans which are on Ebay at present - keep checking for bargains as they change daily!

Have a look at our checklist below to see what we think you should be looking for when buying a secondhand caravan (wear your overalls and take a torch):

  • REMEMBER - if buying a secondhand caravan privately never arrange to meet somewhere other than the sellers house as you will have no comback if the caravan is stolen.
  • ARE YOU SURE - You may have found your perfect secondhand caravan but is there enough room for all of you? How many people will be going caravanning with you, including the dog? Where will they all sleep? Is there enough room for all of you to comfortably relax during the day and is there enough room to prepare a meal if you are not eating out?
  • NOW CHECK the condition of the caravan. First look over the outside of the caravan. Check the chassis for rusting - also look out for fresh paint which could be covering any rust patches. Carefully check down the sides of the caravan for any dents or small dings which are easily missed. You may be able to negotiate on price if you point out any problems to the seller. Check the handbrake, the brakes and brake cables - if you are unsure perhaps you could find a caravan expert to help you inspect the caravan. Open all the doors and flaps and check they all fit OK. Check the tyres for cracks, splits, bulges and wear and tear, and ask if there is a spare.
  • NOW CHECK the interior of the caravan. First go in the door and have a good sniff - if it smells musty at all DON'T BUY IT. Look out for room fragrances which the seller could have recently sprayed to cover up the damp smell. Then you will need to check the four corners, in the cupboard corners and around the windows for any signs of damp or water marks. Remember, damp can cost a fortune to put right. Walk along the length of the caravan and look out for any sponginess in the floor which could be a sign of delamination which also could cost rather alot to fix.
  • NOW CHECK the toilet works and ask if you can see the electric and gas appliances working as well as the water system. Check in the washroom to ensure that the sealant is intact and operate the toilet to ensure it works properly.
  • CHECK the owners handbook/manual. It should tell you if the seller has looked after the caravan and whether it has been serviced regularly. If it hasn't, you may end up with a rather large maintenance bill.
  • NOW CHECK that the caravan is not stolen. Do not part with any money until you have checked with CRiS - after 1992 a CRis number should be etched on each window and they should all be the same. CRis will check this number to ensure that the caravan is not stolen and has no finance outstanding on it. It will cost you under £15.00 to get this checked but it is cheaper than finding out after you have parted with all your money that the caravan is stolen and you have to surrender it to the police or have to settle any outstanding finance on the caravan. Have a look on our webpage about CRis - it gives you all the contact information you will need.

    If you are buying a secondhand caravan, CLICK HERE to have a look at our page on CRiS and find out how to contact them..

  • MAKE SURE your car is heavy enough to tow the caravan and the noseweight is OK.
  • BUY caravan insurance before towing the caravan away.
  • If buying a privately-owned secondhand caravan we would recommend taking it to a dealer to be serviced before you use it for the first time. Your safety is the most important thing to remember - when it is being serviced the dealer will check all the appliances and the gas and electricity, as well as the tyres, brakes, etc.

    Now you know what to look for when buying a secondhand caravan, we hope you find a great used caravan bargain and have lots of happy caravanning!!

    Do you know of any good places to buy secondhand caravans?
    CLICK HERE to let us know so we can add them to this page.

    Secondhand Caravans on Ebay

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