Select Solar
Product Review

We have been testing a light from Select Solar.  It is a small, portable solar powered light which you can stick just about anywhere as it has three plastic suckers attached to it.

You stick the light on the inside of the caravan window during the day so it catches all the sun to recharge the battery. 

When dusk comes you and you need some extra light you can move the light to wherever you need it as the suckers on the light will fix to any smooth surface. 

It can stay outside at night as it is waterproof if it rains.

It has two light intensity options - as shown by the photographs below.

We charged it all day in full sunlight and then put it on that night. The light lasted for a good 7 hours.

We used the light last time we went away in the caravan. Our children slept outside in the awning and found it extremely useful to have their own light.

We obviously weren't very keen for them to have an electric lamp out there so this solar light was the perfect solution. They used both light settings on the lamp - one was slightly brighter than the other. The light was plenty bright enough for use at night and was not too over-powering in the dark like some high-powered torches or lamps.

We think this is a brilliant piece of kit and all caravanners and campers should have one, especially if they have children with them!! It puts your mind at rest that they have a light and it is a very safe light for them to use. Plus, of course, this is powered by the sun and therefore uses free power - environmentally friendly as well as no more having to buy expensive batteries.

While we were away we had brilliant sun on most days so the lamp was particularly good - we are not sure how long you would need to charge the lamp should it be cloudy.

If you would like to find out more information regarding this solar lamp, CLICK HERE to take you to their website.

They also have many other useful solar products and gadgets available. Take a look.

Have you tried a Select Solar Light?