Servicing the fire on my Abbey 520gt

by David Beever

I am trying to light the fire on my Abbey 520gt but I can only get as far as the pilot light working. Is this a common problem or could it be a result of the type of gas I'm using (I'm using propane) or will it need a service and if so where's a good place in the Leeds area?

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Apr 01, 2015
Water Pump
by: Anthony

Hi David

The pump may be located inside the water tank, this page may help:

Mar 29, 2015
Gas fire - Pressure
by: David Beever

Thank you guys for your information. It turned out it was the gas pressure (the hose wasn't connected to the regulator correctly).

My gas fire works perfect now so I also have heat from the fire which in turn means I also have central heating.

As you all may have gathered I'm quite a novice at this caravan stuff so could anyone point in the general direction of water pump for this caravan as it doesn't seem to working either.

There's something that resembles a pump on the belly of the caravan (externally) underneath where the shower room is and the cables been clipped. I think the prior owners kept in on a permanent site so did a make shift hook up to the water mains.

Could this thing be the water pump?

Mar 28, 2015
Gas Pilot Light
by: Anthony

Hi David

Try keeping the pilot light going for a good few minutes before turning the fire on.

If it hasn't been serviced for a number of years then it definitely would be worth getting the fire serviced for efficiency and safety as well.

Try ringing a few and check their prices.

Can you please leave a comment when you find a solution.

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