Solid Construction

by Anthony

Have been an ardent motor-caravanner for upward of 30 years without a grey hair, worrying about damp problems. Now that I have sold the motorhome and am looking for a small two berth touring 'van in its place, am beginning to wake up with nightmares!

1. Is a caravan really more damp prone than an motorhome - and, if so, why?

2. To a complete newbie this 'solid construction' stuff seems the logical answer - but it doesn't seem to have caught on. Is there a down-side that they haven't all turned to it?

3. The only 'van I have seen boasting this construction is the Elddis Xplore 302 - my perfect layout but a touch too small for us. Does anyone else offer solid construction - particularly on a two berth, end kitchen, 'L'-shaped dinette spec 'van?

4. Our dream 'van is, I think, the Elddis Mistral GT - the two berth, end kitchen, 'L' - shaped dinette version. Does anyone know anything of its track record for reliability?


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