Spongy Floor

by Hayden Bull
(Stoke on Trent)

I just want to know why the floor feels spongy underneath my caravan. It looks sound but somebody has told me that it must be damp? Can anyone help me with this?

The most likely cause is that a section of your floor has delaminated and should be treated as soon as possible. It would probably be best to take your caravan to your local dealer and ask them to price the job for you as it's quite a tricky job to do yourself.

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Sep 07, 2016
Hurricain NEW
by: Anonymous

Just done my ninth caravan floor it's not a difficult job which has been described previously.may I add the following, for the first time the most recent repair I tried the single shot cure all previous repairs I used the two part resin. Although the single shot resin works it does not seem to be absorbed into the insulation as readily as the two part fluid plus it's a sod to Get out of the squeeze bottle. The result is okay but only just.one other point if I may.......be aware of Fumes use in a well ventilated space. Enjoy your caravan.

Jul 03, 2014
Thanks for advice!
by: Morry

The floor in the 2008 Elddis Crudader Cyclone i bought went spongy just in the area as you come through the door! All because probably some dick didn't put enough glue in between at the factory and the foreman wasent checking! I beleive it is quite a common fault having read the caravan forums, lovely!

Dec 30, 2012
Floor Repair
by: Anonymous

Easy fix for any floor thats become de-laminated.
Take up the carpet or lino. mark out the area that has the spongy feel, now increase the area by 4 inches all round. buy a can of the pressurised foam expanding filler used to plug gaps in window fitting and masonary etc. This can comes with a nozzle. get a drill bit thats the same diameter and with a power drill, drill holes through the top floor making sure you only go through the top plywood floor into the void below YOU DONT WANT TO GO THROUGH THE BOTTOM FLOOR PANAL.the holes need to be spaced out at 1 inch intervals over the entire area thats affected by the spongy delamination. now mask up the surrounding area and cover all items that might get some of the foam on accidentally. you can use old sheets etc, trust me its worth it cause the stuff is a pig to get off fabrics and furniture items if it spurts back on you.read the instructions on the can , put the nozzle into the first hole and pray it in, you will see it come out through other nearby holes, once it appears from others STOP and move onto another area continuing untill the foam has been injected into the whole area. DONT GO MAD WITH THE FOAM, JUST SPRAY IT SLOWLY it expands and will fill the void underneith. once the foam has come out of the other holes leave it alone. DONT TRY TO CLEAN IT UP you will cause no end of problems for yourself. go away and leave it for 24 hours.
Now you can see that the foam has set solid and the foam can be cut level with the top of the floor with a sharp knife or other flat tool, you can also sand it down with out any problems. refit the lino or the carpet, job done, total cost is about £10 for the foam. Did mine 4 years ago and its still no problem and has had plenty of traffic over it

Jan 29, 2012
Floor Repair
by: dai

Get a delamination kit off the net - they are 20 quid.

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