Swift caravan with no front locker

by Bob

Hi all,
We have just bought a 1992 Swift Rapide 450/5. I intend to modify the inside completely and make it suitable for the 2 of us by fitting a permanent bed at the back.
Now the reason for the title, this Rapide has no front locker at all just a full front panel from roofline to floor. I have been looking around and cannot see any others with this configuration.
Is it the norm?

Yes, this is perfectly normal. The main purpose of the front locker is to carry the gas bottle(s). Some manufacturers designed caravans without a front locker and located a gas locker on the side of the caravan close to the axle. The reason for this was to make the caravan more stable when towing. Our first caravan was an ABI Monza and this had a side gas locker and no front locker.

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