The Streaker
Product Review

We have tested a product called "The Streaker" which is from a company called Caravan Innovations. It is called this because it is designed to prevent the black marks which appear down the sides of your caravan.

It is a moulded rubber strip which you insert into the caravan’s awning rails. It deflects rainwater away from the caravan sides which therefore prevents those horrible black streaks.

It comes in a handy drawstring fabric storage bag and includes detailed laminated instructions.

We have carried out a "double" test with The Streaker. As you get two lengths in each pack, we have put one length on our own caravan on the side which gets the most black marks, and the other length on our father-in-law's caravan.

This is a picture of before we started using it - You can just see the black marks starting to appear down the side of the caravan.

This is a picture of a freshly cleaned caravan with The Streaker in place.

It is designed to keep the awning rails free of dirt and debris, and it will save you a small fortune in cleaning materials if, like us, you are always cleaning and polishing away the black marks from the sides of your caravan!


We have replaced the Streaker on the Wyoming as it was not long enough! Here you can see the correct length, so it carries on partly down the sides to take the water away.

This is a photograph of our caravan (the Indiana) of the side which does not have a Streaker. You can see that already there are a few black marks appearing.


We have now had one on our caravan since April of this year and it has been brilliant!! The sides of the caravan have kept incredibly clean - no black marks from the rain at all!  We have had so many people asking what the "red things" are on our caravans and when we tell them, they all think it's a brilliant idea!

Here are the latest pictures of our caravans :

This is a picture of the side of the Indiana. Can you see any black marks?

This is a picture of the Wyoming. Again, there's no black marks appearing at all!  What a brilliant caravan accessory!

This is another Bailey Senator caravan which pitched near to us for the Half Term week and we couldn't resist taking a picture of the side of their caravan - do the sides of your caravan look like this? If they do we recommend you try a Streaker!


Here's the latest pictures of the Wyoming which has had a Streaker fitted over the whole of the winter - and what a brilliant job it's done!

My father kept his Streaker on his caravan for the whole of winter with hardly any streaks appearing. The only streaks which did appear were where the rain had hit the window and the water had travelled to the edge and then run down the side of the caravan.

We will certainly carry on using a Streaker for the foreseeable future on both our caravans.

If you are interested and would like more information, CLICK HERE to take you to the Caravan Innovations website.

We have today received the following e-mail from David:

Thank you for the information regarding The Streaker, after seeing it on your caravan. I did order a set on Tuesday and paid by PayPal. I received confirmation from them the next day and today (Friday) received them in the post. This is very good service. Please include me on your website as as very satisfied customer - something hard to find today.

Have you tried The Streaker? Click here to let us know.

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