Thetford N3000 showing fault on 12v

by Les

Hi, I have an Thetford N3000 installed in my Swift Challenger caravan. Recently I have noticed that when hooked up to vehicle on 12v during transit, the fridge door icons continually flash.

That is, the battery symbol and temp icons flash and do not stop after pushing the confirmation button. I have conversed with a service manager at Thetford who advised how to conduct a test to establish the error code which resulted in the first two temp lights displaying solid form.

Thetford confused as there apparently is no error code for the first two bars remaining static on test for error. The ironic part of this is that even though the icons continually flash on 12v, the fridge appears to be working (I think) as the contents in the fridge upon arrival at our destination appear to be cold.

My van service guy coupled up the van electrics to his tester resulting in the fridge icons going out however when re-connected to the car, the icons began to flash again. I am told this is because there is'nt enough voltage being supplied by my vehicle and should have the vehicle wiring checked by an auto electrician.

My question, has anyone experienced this issue and if so how was it addressed ?

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