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caravan tips and tricks

Good caravan tips and tricks are ideas which you normally read or see and think "Why didn't I think of that?".

We have some tips and tricks below, some of which we have used, which are all brilliant time savers one way or another. There'a also a form for you to share your inventive caravan tips and tricks with others, plus there's more great tips and tricks below the form! 

  • To save on space and weight when packing, collect all the free sample sachets of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc. They are perfect to take on holiday instead of large bottles! Why didn't I think of this great caravan tip?!
  • Never forget those essential items again. Make a laminated checklist of everything you need to take with you. This way, you can just mark off items with a whiteboard pen when you put them into the caravan. Just rub off the pen when you come to use the checklist next time.
  • To stop the toilet roll unravelling in transit, put an elastic band around the roll. When you arrive on site slip the elastic band to the side of the toilet roll holder then it is ready for use again on your return journey.
  • If your wooden windbreak pole keeps splitting and breaking from all the hammering, place some metal bottle beer tops on to the top of the poles and fix them down with a nail. An easy caravan tip for all those beer drinkers out there!
  • If your towing mirrors are a little loose and wobbly when you put them on, try crossing the straps over diagonally at the back. They should be steady as a rock now.
  • When using a Caravan Airer which you hang out of a caravan window, put some foam insulation pipe on the airer sides which rest on the caravan. They may need to be taped on. This way your airer will not dent your caravan sides.
  • Don't leave any instructions, guides or handbooks in your caravan while you are not using it. If it is stolen it makes it a lot harder for the thieves to sell on or to use themselves.
  • Keep a note of all your credit card numbers (but not with the cards themselves). An easy way to do this is to photocopy all your cards together on one sheet. If your cards are then lost or stolen, you can report them immediately and have them cancelled.
  • To stop your Wastemaster or Aquaroll being stolen while you are on site, buy a couple of bike security cable locks. Thread them through the handles of the Wastemaster and Aquaroll and then thread the other end through the caravan wheel or chassis. Just don't lose the keys or forget the combination to open the lock!

  • Keep a disposable camera in your car so that if you ever have an accident you can take photographs to back up the written description on your claim form.
  • Use metal hangers for your clothes and bend the top of the hangers around the wardrobe pole to stop them falling off while travelling.
  • Don't throw away all those little bags of silica gel from new shoes and handbags. Put them in your caravan fridge when it is not being used to soak up moisture and prevent mould.

  • To add extra workspace to your caravan and to stop your glass hob becoming damaged, make a wooden board which fits over the top of the hob, fix four 1" rubber feet to each corner of the board and this will sit over the top of the hob when it is not in use, and can just be lifted off then you need to use the hob. We know this is a brilliant idea as we have made one.
  • An easy caravan tip to remove dog hairs from your carpet or upholstery - after hoovering use an old car windscreen wiper or a pair of rubber builders gloves to brush the carpet or upholstery towards you. This will collect up all the hairs.
  • By mistake we often leave our washing up liquid by the site washing up sinks. To avoid doing this put enough washing up liquid in a dirty cup or glass when you are going to wash up then leave th bottle in the caravan.

Let us know if you have any caravan tips or tricks or fill in the form below to contact us.

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We hope some of our caravan tips and tricks are helpful to you and make your life just that little bit easier!


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When one of the small plastic door lock brackets for the Electrolux fridge in my caravan snapped in half I went to a dealer seeking a replacement and was …

Cleaning Water Barrel 
Someone told me this, so just passing on. To clean out use a wallpaper steamer, put pipe in barrel and leave it to run, it will kill all germs.

Saving Money 
I needed a new hitch lock for my ALKO tow hitch so I looked around and I found a range of prices from about £90 down to £57.50. During my search I noticed …

Washing Dishes 
Purchase a plastic shopping basket (or get hold of an old wire one) the kind with holes in, then use it for putting your dirty dishes in, then you can …

Stop coat Hangers Jumping Off 
To stop coat hangers jumping off rail when travelling, loop a elastic band around the elbow of the hook to the end of the hook. This works best if there …

I have some hard and cured silicon sealer I have been trying to remove, I was informed to use peanut butter.!!!! They say it works.!! I have not tried …

Winding the legs down when on the move 
Often when pulled up in a lay-by for lunch or for a rest while travelling it is useful to wind down the back legs of the caravan in order to stop the air …

PVC Tubes on Caravans and Campers 
Most Caravans or campers have a PVC tube, or two. You know the type for poles, annex bars, fishing rods etc. The screw caps often get gummed up and are …

Awning Guy Ropes 
We have found that when taking down our awning (of any size) a good way to keep those notoriously "self tangling" guy ropes in good order for next time …

Seal on Water Connection 
To get a seal on a water connection from outside pump smear vegetable oil on the rubber seal and on water filter thread.

Cleaning your Water System 
To ensure you have a clean water system use Milton Fluid through the system one week before your holiday.

Extractor fan and pump inop! 
During our 3rd trip with our 1995 Avondale Sandmartin both systems packed in for no apparent reason. Being new to caravanning I pulled the van apart searching …

Levelling tip 
Another way to check whether the caravan is level is to sit back with a glass of wine, and there you have an instant leveller!

ALKO corner stabilisers 
I was getting ready to go away for a few days in the caravan and found the front stabiliser had broken. I ordered the 20mm nut that I needed from the internet …

Resealing Roof Lights 
Always, always clean with white spirits and then clean this off with soapy water and DRY fully on both the caravan roof and the inside of the skylight …

Satchet Condiments. 
When you go to some pubs for lunch or evening meal you sometimes get your condiments in little sachets. If you`ve got some left put them in your pocket …

Bunk Bed 
If you have a wood pull out bunk bed that you dont use as a bed use it in your awning. I remove the thin strip of wood about 5 screws then turn it up …

Caravan Security 
I have my caravan security marked and I have invested in microdots which come in a little tube of adhesive. All you need to do is put them in obscure places …

Flush Tank 
On caravans where the toilet and shower are close together or in the same cubicle the shower head can be unscrewed and the shower hose passed out through …

Fresh Water 
I often get asked how keep your water system fresh. As you will know there are many products on the market for cleaning out and sterilizing water system, …

When in Storage 
When your van is not used for long periods of time leave your windows on the first catch this will allow air to circulate through out the van and prevent …

No more trying to get your awning into a bag that's obviously way too small!!!!  
I can't take credit for this as I saw it posted elsewhere but it's one of the best tips I've come across. Awnings and poles are usually difficult to get …

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Line up the ball and hitch... 
Line up the ball and hitch... Get in the car and put a small mark on the lower rear window. I lined these up with two small dots that I made on the …

Water Filter Support 
When you come to refill your Aquaroll, what to do with the filter without putting it on the floor? Try getting one of those suction hooks and just stick …

Mrs Murphy 
Instead of taking salt and pepper sellars just collect sachets from fast food outlets and it saves on space and mess.

Caravanning in Snow 
If you are going caravanning in winter and you don't have a 4x4 - take some lengths of old carpet with you size about 12" x 6ft. Lay them in front of …

No Bin In Your Caravan?? 
Hang a carrier bag's "handles" over the ends of a plastic coat hanger and hang over the edge of a door or trim door knob etc - making an easy to reach …

Caravan Hand Brake Tip 
Many caravanners, particularly those just starting out, are not aware that a caravans hand brake is ineffective in preventing the caravan rolling backwards. …

Awning Erection Help 
If you have an awning, mark each of the poles at the joint with a little insulating tape in a colour and number to match ... mark each joint with a different …

Sticking caravan door 
My caravan door when trying to open it sticks on the door seal, after trying all sorts of things to rectify the problem, a friend of mine said dab talcum …

Awning in high winds  
Buy two or three large flat pack water containers (no weight easy to store)fill with water, place inside awning at down poles, tie rope or strap to top …

Frozen Aquaroll 
In freezing weather with an outside water container...simply drop in a 150Watt fish tank heater into the container. Set the thermostat to 15C and all will …

Filling Water Aqua-roll 
When filling a 40 ltr Aqua-roll with water, to avoid getting soaked when first turning on the tap, get a short length of plastic pipe, (I use a piece of …

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