Caravan Toilets

caravan toiletscaravan toiletscaravan toiletscaravan toilets

Caravan toilets need looking after to keep them in tip top working order!  What can you do to keep yours in the best possible condition.  Keep reading ...

  • Never use any household cleaners or detergents as they may contain bleach which could damage it. Use only warm water or a specific caravan cleaner.

  • If you are laying up the caravan for the winter clean the bowl etc, thoroughly dry the blade and lipseal, and then spray it with a maintenance spray. Make sure you leave the blade open to stop the seal sticking to it over winter.

  • Always make sure you drain down the flush tank over the winter to prevent any frost damage from occurring.

  • When emptying do not shake the tank too vigorously to empty it or when rinsing it as this may dislodge the float arm which part of the mechanism which tells you when it is full. Just swirl the water around the tank a few times to make sure it is thoroughly cleaned.

  • Make sure you pour the chemicals into the tank through the pouring spout, not the blade hole, as the chemicals may damage the seal.

  • Always add at least a litre of fresh water to the holding tank with the chemicals. This will ensure the waste in the tank doesn't "pyramid" (I am sure you can guess why it's called pyramiding!!).

  • If you add pink rinse of the fresh water tank it helps to keep it flushing correctly and will also prevent any staining of the bowl.

  • If you use your caravan during the winter you may need to add anti-freeze to the fresh water tank. If you do, make sure you DO NOT use an alcohol based one, i.e. Methanol, Ethanol and Iso-propanol.

    CLICK HERE to find out which caravan toilet chemicals you will need.

    Caravan toilets need care and attention. Let us know how you look after yours.

    We hope these tips help you to keep your caravan toilet in tip top condition, after all, it's a very important part of your caravan!!

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