Travel Checklist

Travel Checklist

Use our Travel Checklist to prepare your caravan and car for your journey. There are some things you must ALWAYS check before your journey :

  • Tyre pressure is correct as under or over-inflated tyres can be dangerous
  • Wheel bolts are correctly tightened
  • The gas is turned off at the cylinder
  • The on-board water tank is empty (if you have one)
  • The on-board toilet tank and flush tank are empty
  • All cupboards inside the caravan are closed and locked
  • Anything loose inside the caravan is secured so it cannot move around
  • The fridge is locked shut
  • All windows and roof vents are closed and locked
  • Caravan battery is set to your vehicle
  • The fridge power is set to 12v
  • Vehicle oil level
  • Vehicle brake fluid
  • Vehicle coolant level
  • Vehicle windscreen washer levels
  • The roadlights are working when you are hooked up to the caravan
  • The breakaway cable is correctly connected
  • Ensure the caravan jockey wheel is lifted and secured
  • Remember to disengage your motor-mover if you have one
  • Check the caravan's noseweight to ensure you are not overweight
  • Then remember to take off the handbrake !!

If you have anything you check before journeys which is not on our Travel Checklist, please let us know.

A good tip is to copy our above list (adding items you wish) and then laminate it - you can use the same list before every journey using a dry-wipe pen.

We hope our Checklist helps you - it is very easy to miss out one of the above jobs which could make your journey less safe or even damage your caravan. We have seen lots of caravans on the road with their rooflights open and there is no way of letting them know.

Please click here if you would like some free printable caravan packing checklists.

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