Tyron Bands

Tyron bands are a simple but effective safety device used on tyres. They are fitted to most police traffic cars and emergency vehicles, and are a brilliant safety device when used on caravan tyres.

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They work by keeping the tyre on the wheel in the event of a puncture or blow-out, which will allow you time to drive to a safe place and stop to change the wheel. Without them the tyre would come off the rim causing the wheel rim to come into contact with the road.

This is what the Tyron Bands website says about them -

"Tyron is a patented lightweight well-filler band that converts a standard steel or alloy wheel into a safety wheel. When fitted, it will significantly improve the performance and safety of any wheel or tyre in the event of deflation. At speed it assists the driver in maintaining steering, cornering ,braking and traction control. It provides a short run-flat capability so you can choose a safe place to stop and change the wheel."

Usually when a caravan tyre collapses it causes an accident - and the higher the speed you are travelling at when the blow-out happens, the greater the chance of you suffering a catastrophic accident.

They have to be fitted by a tyre specialist and will usually cost around £125.00 to be fitted to two wheels. Alternatively, ask your caravan dealer to fit them for you.

Remember, the Police and emergency services fit them to their vehicles so they must be worth the expense. Surely any device which makes travelling safer for you and your family is worth having?

It is worth telling your caravan insurance provider that you have them fitted as they may give you a discount!

We have them fitted and they do give you peace of mind as you know that if you suffer a puncture or your tyre deflates you will remain in control of the caravan whatever speed you are travelling.

Let us know if you have Tyron Bands fitted and they have saved you from having a serious accident when towing.

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