Caravan Safety
UK Speed Limits

With a caravan in tow it is especially important to stick to the legal UK speed limits otherwise you could find yourself having a nasty accident caused by your caravan snaking.

Do you know the speed limits for when you are towing in the UK?

Below are the UK speed limits for when you are towing a caravan or trailer, which must be adhered to at all times.

Type of Road

Max Speed

Max Speed

Built Up Areas *



Single Carriageways



Dual Carriageways






* The 30 mph limit usually applies to all traffic on all roads with street lighting unless signs show otherwise.

The Highway Code also states:

"The speed limit is the absolute maximum and does not mean it is safe to drive at that speed irrespective of conditions. Driving at speeds too fast for the road and traffic conditions is dangerous. You should always reduce your speed when:

  • The road layout or condition presents hazards, such as bends
  • Sharing the road with pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders, and particularly children, and motorcyclists.
  • Weather conditions make it safer to do so.
  • Driving at night as it is more difficult to see other road users". Also remember when towing that you are not allowed on the outside lane of a three or more lane motorway unless any other lanes are closed. It is always easy to go over the speed limit, especially when the road is clear and straight, but remember that the speed limits for caravans are in place for safety reasons. As we have said before, the safety of your family, yourself and other road users is of paramount importance.

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