Update Your Caravan

Easy Ways to Update Your Caravan

Owning your own static or touring caravan is a great, affordable holiday investment. You'll be rewarded with relaxing breaks, family fun and memories to treasure for years to come. Owning your own spacious static caravan can be cheaper than you think too.

Every caravan needs an update from time to time, whether it's a change of décor or the need to increase space. If you're looking to revamp your home away from home, here are some simple ways to refresh your van instantly.

Increase your space

For family caravan owners with growing children, space can soon become an issue. As furniture is built in to most caravans it can be difficult and costly to change your caravan's layout to increase space, but you can do so easily by adding an awning. Awnings come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges, from enclosed awnings that instantly add an extra room, to smaller awnings that give you that little bit of extra storage space and an ideal area to store mucky boots and dry laundry and wet clothes.

Storage solutions

Adding some more storage to your caravan is another way to instantly increase your living space. With storage, you don't want to take up any floor space if you can help it, so you need to look to wall space instead. Shelving is ideal and can be installed anywhere around your van. Wall cabinets are another option and are best placed above existing items of furniture like beds and worktops. A storage tip for those short of space is to hide extra storage away underneath existing furniture. Drawers and storage boxes placed under beds and seating areas free up so much space without taking up any extra room.

A whole new look

Costly layout changes aren't the only way to revamp and update your caravan's look. The whole look and feel of the space can be changed with a simple change of colour scheme. A lick of paint or some new wallpaper will work wonder. Even small changes to fabrics like curtains and blinds, adding a rug or some luxury bedding can make a huge difference to the overall look of your caravan.

Going green

In this eco-conscious age, there are plenty of ways for you to give your caravan a green makeover too. Solar powered batteries and LED lighting may be a substantial investment, but over time you will more than recoup the expense in money saved on fuel, as well as helping to but carbon emissions almost down to nil. If you’re going green on a budget then look out for eco-friendly gadgets like wind-up radios, solar powered battery chargers for cameras, phones and laptops, as well as solar showers that heat your water supply using only the power of the sun.

Do you have an easy way to update your caravan which we have not mentioned? Please let us know if you have.

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