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Looking at Lunar Premier 516 with weights of 800 & 1100, will this be the mtpml? As I need to make sure my car will pull it, I have got a 52 plate Scenic 1.9 dci, can anyone advise?

The larger of the 2 weights is the MTPML (maximum technically permitted laden mass -the caravan's weight plus all your caravanning gear).Caravanners use the 85% rule to work out if their car is able to tow the caravan they would like to buy. If you exceed this limit you may end up in a dangerous situation - experienced caravanners know that they should not exceed this limit unless they have a lot of experience and have years of towing experience.
To use the 85% rule to correctly match a caravan with your car you will need:
The car's kerbweight and it's maximum towing weight for a braked trailer (look in your car's handbook for these figures).
Use whichever of the above figures is the lowest to calculate the 85% figure.
Divide the kerbweight (or max tow - whichever is the lowest) by 100 and then multiply this figure by 85.

You should now have a correct 85% match. If you choose a caravan with an MTPLM (maximum technically permitted laden mass -the caravan's weight plus all your caravanning gear) of about the same you should be able to tow safely.

When working out "what can I tow" remember to check the noseweight. Noseweight is the amount of weight which your caravan puts on it's hitch. You can buy a proper noseweight gauge or just use a pair of bathroom scales placed on the ground under the hitch with a piece of wood placed vertically between the hitch and the scales. The caravan's noseweight should be roughly 7% of the caravan's MTPLM. Check your car handbook for it's maximum noseweight.

Remember - your caravan dealer will always be able to help you decide what you can tow.

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