Product Review

We have now had a chance to test the WickedWedge for a few months (mostly "tested" by our son who comandeered it for when he is using the X-Box!!) He lays on the floor lounging up against it at the perfect level to play and view the TV screen!! He especially likes the fact that he can just turn it over to sit up more and be closer to the TV (when the action gets going and he starts shouting!!).

Now we have had one for a while, we have used it:

- on the beach
- when sunbathing on the grass outside the caravan
- when in bed in the caravan when you want to sit up
- for someone to lean on when sitting on the floor in the awning
- as a cushion in the caravan when watching T.V.

I am sure we will use it more, especially as the kids want to sleep outside in a tent (while we luxuriate in the caravan!!). One of the best things is the fact that as it's blow-up, when not in use it folds down really small - just what you need when caravanning or camping.

This is what the company who makes it says about their new product:

An essential accessory for any motorhome or caravan!

The WickedWedge is an inflatable lounger with an attached waterproof mat that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It’s really easy to inflate and just as easy to fold up into a small package which fits into any bag, making it the ideal accessory for camping, festivals, picnics and a personal favourite of mine...yes, you guessed...chilling out on the beach.

It has been designed in such a way that it has health benefits too. I often use one to keep my back supported whilst  reading and watching TV at home, this helps avoid the back pain I often get when my pillows don’t support me properly. The kids also love the funky colours and lounging on the floor in comfort.

It's a must have camping accessory for all outdoor trips. A major benefit is that it saves you having to carry heavy chairs around. This inflatable camping chair really is perfect for relaxing with friends and family around the campsite. It is also small enough to take into your tent which makes it ideal for reading under the stars.

It is available for £14.95 by mail order from www.wickedwedge.co.uk.

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