Winter Holidays

Winter Holidays

Winter holidays in your caravan can be great fun!  Do you pack away all your caravanning gear and put your caravan into hibernation as soon as the first frosts arrive?   If you do, why don't you consider doing something different this year when it's cold?

Remember though, that preparation is the key when going on winter holidays in your caravan as you never know what the weather is going to throw at you! If you take a few simple steps to prepare before you go, this will help you to avoid any trouble later.

The winter caravanning preparation tips we would recommend are :

  • Always check your tyres are in good condition (including the spares).
  • Make sure they are inflated to the correct pressure.
  • Make sure that your oil, water and screen wash are full.
  • Ensure that the anti-freeze in the windscreen washer tank is fully topped up.
  • Check your car battery before you leave.
  • Your local garage will be able to do this for you.
  • Make sure that your car and caravan lights are working correctly and are clean.

You may want to pack some of the following items just in case the weather turns nasty!

  • A fully charged mobile phone
  • A spade
  • An ice-scraper
  • A torch (with full batteries)
  • Blankets and warm clothing
  • A piece of carpet in case your wheels get stuck in the snow
  • A first aid kit (which you should always carry in your car anyway)
  • Don't forget to take the telephone number of your breakdown organisation - just in case!

This year we are planning to go away at New Year and are looking at caravan sites which open all year around. We will definitely be taking all the above items with us.

Winter holidays

We have just received the following e-mail from Karl - have a look at his great winter holiday caravanning tips!

A nice little mod I did with my 'van for winter caravanning is to seal my external pipework under the chassis with expanding foam. You might find you have some heating pipework underneath the van as well which cools the heated air rapidly and the far extremes of the caravan don't get warm. Again, put a coating on and this will ensure the warm air stays that way until it reaches the extremities.

Put foam pipe lagging around your waste pipes (if not using expanding foam) and fresh water hose.

An electric under blanket in the bed is nice as you can have the heating in the van turned right down and enjoy a warm, cosy nights sleep.

A thick cardboard box that is painted with varnish (yes, it works!) and a 100 watt light bulb inside will keep your water from freezing over when placed over your aquaroll, but just ensure that the light bulb does not touch the plastic.

Car antifreeze in the waste tank stops that freezing up too.

A lot of vans can combine the heater with gas and electric for fast warm up, quite a lot of people forget this. So we have our heater on a very low setting on electric when we are out and about and then come in and 15 mins of max electric and gas power gets the van all toasty.

Cut foam out to the correct size of your rooflights and push into position. Yes, the caravan will be darker but so much heat is lost through the plastic. We got some 1 inch thick stuff from a packing company that looks like little egg cups but it really keeps the heat in.

A small dehumidifier will stop the condensation at night when the van cools down.

I've taken our Avondale all over the country in minus 14 degree temperatures and have found all the above really useful. I would add snow chains to your motoring list and use of winter tyres both on the car and the caravan.

If you always go on winter holidays in your caravan, or have some winter caravan tips, please let us know.

You may not need any of this equipment as the weather can be so unpredictable, but it's a good idea to carry it, just in case …