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First Name: Gilly
Country: United Kingdom

What a lovely website! easy to use and interesting I shall return :) We bought our first caravan last year and have had a few lovely weekends away, we are redesigning the interior ready for spring/summer. Thanks for the little tips that make a big difference :)

First Name: Gail & Wendy
Country: United Kingdom

Hi, we just wanted to say that having stumbled on your website, we have used it over and again - as we are new to the caravanning scene, and having ony just caught the caravanning bug, your advice and information has been invaluable. Thank you for your enthusiasm and for sharing your knowledge.

First Name: Colly Moore
Country: Ireland

Love the site! Keep up the good work!
Regards, Colly

First Name: Colin
Country: United Kingdom

Hi. Just a quick note to say thank you very, very much. The thanks are for 2 things: firstly I was lucky enough to win 2 tickets to the caravan & boat show at the NEC. Secondly for all the great advice that you & your site have given me & my family.

Today (15th Feb) we went to collect our first ever caravan, a 2001 Compass Rallye 490/4L. Hopefully they're not too bad a unit for a complete novice.

Your site has given us so many pointers & sound advice on things to buy & what we'll need etc etc. Some we even managed to get the dealer to throw in!

But after a long week at work I returned home on Sunday afternoon to find the envelope waiting for me with the tickets enclosed. We are really looking forward to going to the show to see all the accesories that are on offer & to get to ideas for things that we might need on the future, also to look at the new vans that maybe ours in the coming years if a certain 6 numbers come up correctly.

Once again thank you so much for the site & the competions, we certainly apreciate it.

Colin, Laura, Chloe & Amy

First Name: Mike
Country: United Kingdom

I would just like to say thank you for making your website so comprehensive. I am disabled by a spinal injury and use a wheelchair full-time, and I'd like to try caravaning. Your pages are a tremendous help.

First Name: David
Country: United Kingdom

Hi. I would just like to say thanks to all that have worked hard on this website for people like myself. Many thanks.

First Name: Bryan
Country: United Kingdom

Hi guys, I love the website and not many mornings I don't have a look for some help and advice. I am totally new to caravaning though have been a camper for around 5 years and just love the freedom it gives but because of the restrictions due to weather and time it takes to pitch we decided to get a caravan so we could get away more often.

I found an Avondale Avocet 2 berth for sale where the owner was giving up caravaning due to health reasons so when I bought it I got absolutely everything he had for the van included. The van is in excellent condition and even has cassettes for the player and games for the grandchildren when we take them. What a bargain we got! I then bid on a brand new awning on e-bay and won it and this turned out to be an even more expensive type than the ownwer thought he was selling so got a £900 awning for £255. I've now been on e-bay again and bought a big foot mover as I was panicking about reversing the van. I've now had a go after putting it off for a week and surprised myself how easy it was.

We have now booked our first weekend away for a couple of weeks time to try it out before a 2 week trip to Devon. I am like a kid in a sweet shop and can't wait to get away!

Keep up the great work there guys.

First Name: Margaret M
Country: United Kingdom

5.25 a.m. We are in our early 60's and are setting off today on our very first caravan trip (in a 15 year old ABI Marauder). I didn't sleep as I was sure there were many things we hadn't thought of so got up in the early hours to search the web. What luck, I found your site! You have covered everything - a fantastic website. Thank you.

First Name: Sally S
Country: United Kingdom

Just to say thank you for a great website. We have just bought a secondhand caravan so it's been great to read all your advice. Collecting the caravan at the weekend so will see how we get on!!

First Name: Michael De R
Country: United Kingdom

Just to congratulate you on this great site, found it today and slowly going through all your headings on the left. Well done and a big thanks for doing it!

First Name: Mike
Country: United Kingdom

I came across your site by accident. It's really nice to see a site offering practical help, especially to newcomers and novices. Well done!

First Name: Sheila
Country: United Kingdom

Great informative and fun website with loads of links. Already added to my favourites. We, as a family, enjoyed years of caravanning then stopped for about 20 years. Just about to purchase a caravan to re-live the fun, freedom and relaxation - so your website will come in handy!

First Name: Tony
Country: United Kingdom

Brilliant website! How I've enjoyed reading your blogs! Keep it up please - great enjoyment. I'm really glad I found your website - I love it!

First Name: Brian
Country: United Kingdom

Came across your site by accident looking for some checklists I saw last year. What a brill site you have. Like yourself, 'vans never appealed to me but the wife wanted one (I always tow) so we got a Lunar Meteorite. Nice van but two years on I was hooked and we now have a Swift lifestyle 500SE - very similiar to yours with end bedroom (no built in microwave). Happy 'vanning to all.

First Name: Dominic
Country: United Kingdom

Want to thank you for taking the trouble of doing this site. I have found it invaluable in its helpful advice. Over the years we have stayed in hotels and holiday cottages. We tended to stay in 4 or 5 star hotels which tend to be very boring. The holiday cottages never seemed to meet up with our expectations. With me aproaching 50 my wife and I talked about caravans. With my wife being disabled we thought that this would be a no no. But then We thought we would have a look. My wife needs me to help her shower etc so needed a good sized bathroom. When we looked at a Baily ranger 5 we were very impressed. We were told that we would have to wait about 4 months for a van. We decided to goto Highbridge Caravans and have a look around. We traveled up from Plymouth and had a look at a couple of vans. That is until we went into an Avondale Dart 470/2 Wow! The size of the bathroom and shower was ideal for my wife. We brought it. We spent a couple of weekends away and then went to a lovely site in Penzance for a week. What a learning curve! Made some mistakes but one thing I am sure about, My wife and I love it. The freedom. The fun. Meeting different people. There is no going back for us. Brilliant.

First Name: John
Country: United Kingdom

Hi all, just want to say great website and helpful for raw beginners like me.

I've just recently picked up a old 1979 A-line Rambler 320.4 which is a 2 to 3 berth van. It was in a state when I went to collect it from the owner, it had been left and neglected in a field for several months.

As me and the wife drove up the drive way, my wife saw it and said no way, I'm not having that thing! Well after spending a lot of cleaning materials and time it's lovely and clean inside and out. I've repainted the outside, put new window seals inside, not a job for the faint hearted, new locks and latches, made an extra box for the single bed plus added more storage, replaced catches to the windows. The hours and money spent is well worth it.

I took it for the first time last weekend to Hunstanton, the site is called Searles. Anyone with young kids - this place is well worth staying as it has in and outside pools, play areas, and many more things to do, great site, clean and warm wash rooms and warm showers, clean pot wash areas, all within walking distance, and plenty of water points, great site, 10 out of 10. I well recommend Searles of Hunstanton. No I don't work or have anything to do with them!!

I live in good old sunny Leicester in the Midlands, so not too far to tow as I was a bit nervous about the whole towing thing, but after a time I was fine with it, just kept my speed down and took my time. As I said both the wife and I are both converted caravaners. We've camped for many years with both kids, but my eldest who is nearly 16 thinks we're old and caravanning is uncool, so just take our youngest, my son who loves the whole caravanning thing.

So hoping to get away plenty in the new year with this old comfy caravan, plus this gives me more time to finish off the odd jobs still outstanding.

Anyone who is thinking of caravanning, buy a old cheapie, give it a good check over, check for any rot or damp patches, inside the walls of the van etc, or get a person who knows a bit about them to check it for you, or simply if you know someone who is willing to let you borrow one for a try, I know you will love it and won't be disappointed,

Happy 'vanning to all and safe journeys.

John from Leicester

Can anybody help John to find out anything about his new caravan - all he knows at present is the serial number and that it was possibly made in Essex in 1976 or 1979. Let us know using our contact form at the bottom of this page if you can help.

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