Zapped Chook

This is a recipe we were emailed from Mr White who lives in Australia.  Good to know that aussies are into caravanning too and are enjoying reading our website!!!!

Anyway, have a look at the recipe and if anyone cooks it, please send us in a picture.

G'day - here we call this Zapped Chook.

Our sizes here in Australia may be the same as yours but you need a 1kg chicken, size 10.

Based on that - the chook needs to be at room temperature and be washed - just pat dry and put into an oven bag.

Sprinkle into the bag a packet of French Onion Soup Mix and tie the bag shut.

Lay the chook on its back onto a microwave safe plate and pierce the bag with a small hole on each side of the bag near the wings.

Put the plate with the chook into the microwave oven and set the timer for 10 minutes (because it is a size 10 chook - if it were a size 15 chook then we would set the microwave for 15 minutes).

When the time is up lift out the plate and turn the chook so that it is now chest up and cook again in the oven for another 10 minutes for this size bird.

When time is up (20 minutes altogether for this size bird) remove from oven.

Put the hole thing into a bag and carefully cut the bag open and slide the bag away so that the zapped chook and beautiful gravy remain in the bowl.

This is a wonderful way to cook a chicken perfectly each time and quicker than a trip to the shops!

Enjoy trying Zapped Chook!

If you cook this recipe please don't forget to email us a picture we can add to this recipe page.

Once again, thanks to Mr White for taking the trouble of sending us his Zapped Chook recipe.